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 Cockroach Control Services

We at Shashi Pest Control have developed an in-house integrated program by understanding the extent of damage cockroaches can cause. Our technicians assess the situation at the site and employ a combination of highly specialized methods such as gel baiting and trapping to control the cockroach problem at the root, rather than tackling it at the surface alone.

The most dreaded of the pests is the Cockroach, driving the lives out of most of the housewives. Cockroaches can be carriers of various diseases because they are commonly found near waste deposits or in the kitchen, where food is present. Cockroaches can enter in many different ways, from the outside through cracks and crevices, vents, sewer and drain pipes.They can also enter through groceries, cartoon boxes, any material purchase, as they are the frequent travellers.

Frequently asked questions

Where do cockroaches come from?

Cockroaches may have already been there when you moved in. Generally, cockroaches may come from your neighbour’s property, or they may enter your house from their outside habitat.they can check out your place by crawling through tiny gaps around doors, pipes and other open spaces. Some adults can grow fairly large but can shimmy through slits as thin as one-sixteenth of an inch (0.15 centimetres). Cockroaches are attracted to food that has been left out on the counter, dirty dishes in the sink, and crumbs laying on the floor. They are also attracted to moisture, such as from a leaky pipe underneath a bathroom sink or a wet bathmat on the floor.

What are the harmful effects caused by cockroaches?

The scary thing is that cockroaches can carry some serious diseases. Salmonella Typhi, which causes Typhoid, has been found in cockroaches. Poliomyelitis, which causes Polio, has also been found in these insects. They can also cause Dysentery, a disease that causes severe diarrhoea that may include bleeding. Generally, Cockroaches are omnivores that eat plants and meat. They have been recorded to eat human flesh of both the living and the dead, although they are more likely to take a bite of fingernails, eyelashes, feet and hands. The bites may cause irritation, lesions and swelling. Some have suffered from minor wound infections.

What are the signs of cockroaches Existence or infestation in your Home?

Cockroach Droppings: Cockroach faeces will be visible during an infestation. Small roaches produce faeces that resemble coffee grounds or black pepper, while larger roaches expel cylindrical droppings. The quantity of visible faeces is oftentimes a good indicator of the level or duration of infestation.

Unpleasant Odours: Some species emit unpleasant smells. In the event of serious infestation, a strong oily or musty odour may be present. The bodies of dead cockroaches can also be found throughout the house.

Cockroach Eggs: Oval-shaped egg cases, known as oothecae, are sometimes visible behind furniture and in other hidden locations, such as the spaces between books.

Why are Roaches so hard to get rid of?

Cockroaches prefer warm, moist places to live. Your house will suits well for them. They’ll find plenty to drink, especially if you have a leaky faucet. They’ll find so much to eat between the crumbs you didn’t know you dropped or the trash bag that left uncovered. Even killing a cockroach attracts more if you don’t clean up the mess right away or if you deposit that squished cockroach in the trash.

When you squish the cockroach, it secretes a liquid. Other roaches smell it and will come running. The next time you find yourself wondering, “Why don’t cockroaches die?” after you just sprayed, it may be because the cockroach produces natural detoxification mechanisms. They can live in dirty areas because of the antimicrobial peptides that go into hemolymph – and that is the juice that squirts out when you do squish a cockroach.

How to prevent cockroaches?

                           Eliminate food sources by storing dry foods in tightly sealed containers or in sealed plastic bags and do not leave food sitting out on counters. Do not leave liquids in sinks or buckets. Clear all waste food and liquid spillage by cleaning up food debris from food preparation areas, under sinks and appliances. Empty the rubbish on a daily basis and keep all garbage or compost in sealed bins. Rinse cans, bottles and plastics – before putting them in recycling bins. De-clutter – remove old stacks of newspapers and magazines, unused cardboard boxes and all other forms of clutter from the floor or bottom of cupboards. Cockroaches release an aggregation pheromone in their droppings telling others they have found a safe harborage. Varnish or paint wood shelves to seal them, and wipe them clean regularly. Seal entry points – to deny access to cockroaches. Key risks are gaps around pipes, drains and common walls with neighbouring properties when dealing with German, Oriental and American cockroaches. Even tiny cracks around skirting boards and behind electrical sockets should be plugged to reduce potential hiding areas.

Customers Reviews

Shashi Pest Control
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 3 reviews
 by Karthik Singh

What a great service this guys provide! Called in a panic as I had cockroach Issues, I Just filled a Form in Shashi Pest Solutions website then I got a call from them wonderful caring people on the phone and then they came and resolved the Cockroach problem very shortly

 by Navitha

I was very impressed with the thorough investigation carried out by Shashi Pest Solutions at our property. They explained everything very clearly and deal effectively with cockroach control Issues.

 by Shinoj Narayan

I took service from Shashi Pest Control Services and trust me they are really good at what they do. Very punctual, great commitment and reasonable price. Since last 2 years, we were having bed bugs at our place. After taking services from them I don't see a single bed bug in my flat. I would highly recommend others who want to go for a bed bug service, you can go to Shashi Pest Control Services. They are the Best!

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