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Mosquitoes & Files Control Services

Shashi Pest Solutions makes available program options to suit your needs. A scheduled service every week throughout mosquito season is a worry-free way to control mosquitoes. This service is a combination of spraying Larvicide, IRS and Thermal Fogging. We also offer one-time treatments which are carried out prior to events

Mosquitoes are vectors of numerous diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, filariasis, dengue chikungunya. Most female mosquitoes require a blood meal before they can produce a batch of eggs. Anopheles, culex and Aedes are the most common species of mosquitoes that spread diseases. These vectors develop through four stages: egg, larvae, pupa and adult, complete development from egg to adult usually takes 10 to 14 days but varies according to the species and temperature

The best integrated practices can keep the mosquito menace at a tolerable level, but stopping the influx of mosquito is a very difficult task as they have various sources of breeding.

The best control mechanism is prevention. Eliminating all possible mosquito breeding sources – standing water, piles of cut grass and fallen leaves, cleaning fence rows of wild grasses and weeds, keeping rain gutters free of litter and other vegetation- is indeed your starting point in an integrated pest management program targeting disease carrying pests.

Shashi Pest Solutions have immense experience in this filed and strive to offer effective pest control treatments in a timely manner. We ensure that our talented staff inspect the area which has been affected and take potential steps to solve your pest problems. Our products are highly demanded in the market for their excellent features like non toxic to humans and pets, environment friendly, do not discolor the walls, have no odour and many others.

Frequently asked questions

From Where these Mosquitoes come from ?

There are regarding two hundred completely different species of mosquitoes, that sleep in specific habitats, exhibit distinctive behaviours and bite differing kinds of animals. Despite these variations, all mosquitoes share some common traits, like a four-stage life cycle (egg, larva, pupa, adult).

Different species of mosquitoes like different kinds of standing water during which to put their eggs. The presence of useful predators like fish and snake doctor nymphs in permanent ponds, lakes and streams facilitate keep these bodies of water comparatively freed from dipteran larvae. However, parts of marshes, swamps, clogged ditches and temporary pools and puddles square measure all prolific dipteran breeding sites. Alternative sites during which some species lay their eggs include:

1.tree holes,
2.old tires,
5.potted plant trays and saucers,
6.plastic covers or tarpaulins and even
7.places as tiny as bottle caps!

What Attracts the Mosquitoes more in Humans ?

              Scientists do grasp that biology accounts for a humongous eighty fifth of our status to two-winged insects bites. They’ve additionally known sure parts of our body chemistry that, once found in excess on the skin’s surface, create mosquitoes swarm nearer. People with high concentrations of steroids or cholesterin on their skin surface attract mosquitoes,” pantry man tells WebMD. that does not essentially mean that mosquitoes take advantage of folks with higher overall levels of cholesterin, pantryman explains. These folks merely is also additional economical at process cholesterin, the byproducts of that stay on the skin’s surface.

  Mosquitoes additionally target folks that manufacture excess amounts of sure acids, like acid, explains zoologist John Edman, PhD, the voice for the Zoology Society of America. These substances will trigger mosquitoes’ sense of smell, luring them to land on unsuspecting victims.But the method of attraction begins long before the landing. Mosquitoes will smell their dinner from a powerful distance of up to fifty meters, explains Edman. this does not forecast well for folks that emit giant quantities of CO2.

How to control the Mosquitoes ?
Mosquitoes breed in water. Standing water, or water that is stagnant, is the ideal setting for the reproduction of mosquitoes that may carry WNV. To reduce the number of mosquitoes, eliminate standing water and keep your surroundings clean.

Eliminate Standing Water

  • Remove or empty buckets, barrels or all other outdoor objects that may contain water, like old tires for instance
  • Remove water that accumulates on pool covers
  • Clean the gutters of your house

Keep your Surroundings Clean

  • Cover garbage cans
  • Maintain your pool. The circulating water of a proper filtration system prevents mosquitoes from breeding there
  • Install a mosquito net on your rainwater reservoir
  • Change the water in your birds drinking trough regularly
  • Add fish that eat mosquito larvae in your ornamental pond
How are Mosquitoes harmful to Humans ?

Mosquitoes are carriers for certain diseases, some of which can be deadly. In the United States, West Nile virus is the most common and dangerous mosquito-transmitted disease. Mosquitoes also transmit malaria, dengue fever and chikungunya. Common symptoms of these diseases include fever, body aches, dizziness and confusion. These symptoms can pop up two days to two weeks after a mosquito bite. If you get bitten and develop flu-like symptoms, see your doctor immediately.

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