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Lizard Control Services

Contact our pest management professional if you find lizards in your living space. Our pest management professional will conduct an inspection and create a comprehensive control plan that is based on the inspection findings

Lizards are the most species among extant reptiles, comprising about 60% of all living species. Lizards rely heavily on body language, using specific postures, gestures, and movements to define territory, resolve disputes, and entice mates.

Frequently asked questions

What attracts the Lizards to enter into Home?

Crawling Insects: The common house lizard is, of course, insectivorous, insects area unit one in all their favourite things to eat. They usually eat spiders, snails, caterpillars, and everyone forms of insect that they realize locomotion concerning. If your house encompasses a secondary pesterer infestation of those locomotion insects, they’re what attracts lizards in your home.

Flying insects: Aside from creep insects, lizards wish to target flying insects like flies, mosquitoes, winged termites, and crickets. Since lizards square measure capable of scaling walls because of their ability to stay and climb walls, they’ll catch flying prey, particularly people who fly on the brink of light-weight sources.

Fruits and Plants: Lizards are not limited to eating insects — they eat fruits and plants, too. Some lizards, like the bearded dragon, eats vegetables and other vegetation as a substitute for insects. Plant-eating lizards can become problematic for people who have gardens, especially when their population grows and begin eating your garden plants.  Reducing the number of insects around the area is one way of deterring lizards from going to your garden.

Water: Like most reptiles, lizards need water to stay alive. Water comprises roughly two-thirds of the body weight of reptiles and amphibians, making it essential for their health and well-being. A house with water, food and shelter are what attracts lizards in your home.

What is the average lifespan of a lizard?

The lifespan depends on which species of lizards you’re talking about; a common house Gecko lives around 10-15 years, Chameleons live 5-7 years, Iguanas live to be around 20 years of age and the largest of the reptiles Komodo Dragons live for a whopping 40 years on average

Are house lizards harmful to humans?

These small geckos are non-venomous and not deadly to humans. Medium to large geckos may bite if distressed; however, their bite is gentle and will not pierce the skin. A tropical gecko, Hemidactylus frenatus thrives in warm, humid areas where it can crawl around on rotting wood in search of the insects it eats.

Can pest control get rid of lizards?

To get rid of lizards it is necessary to get rid of the insects. Sticky tapes are effective against lizards once their food sources have been deprived, sticky traps will easily catch lizards. Naphthalene balls are very effective for Lizard Control. They keep bugs and insects away and in turn drive away lizards.

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