Best Residential & Commercial Mosquitoes & Flies Pest Control Services in Bangalore

Our service uses the most advanced technology and methods available today. This means your tailor-made plan is designed to get pests out your home and keep them out year-round.

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    Best Mosquitoes & Flies Pest Control in Bangalore

    Over 3,500 species of mosquitoes have already been described from various parts of the world Out of which three Mosquitoes have 4 life stages of egg, larvae, pupae, and adult out of which first three stages are aquatic and they need stagnant water to breed. Adult mosquitoes live indoors and outdoors. Mosquitoes can bite day and night. Adult mosquitoes live for about 2 to 4 weeks depending on the species, humidity, temperature, and other factors.
    Female mosquitoes often live longer than male mosquitoes. Only female mosquitoes bite people and animals to get a blood meal. Female mosquitoes need a blood meal to produce eggs. Mosquitoes get infected with germs, such as viruses and parasites, when they bite infected people and animals and transfer the same to other hosts while biting.

    Sign of Mosquitoes Infestation

    Mosquitoes can fly upto 2 km from there breeding zone. However, if you noticing few others sign its a indication that you have mosquitoes breeding within or near your property. The signs are, There is Standing Water on Your Property, Constant High Buzzing Sound, They’re in Shaded Areas on Your Property, You Notice You’re Getting Bit, You Notice You’re Scratching at Night, You See Them Hovering Over Food in Kitchen, You See Them During the Daytime/Evening, You Live in an Area With Humid Weather

    What our Mosquito Control Services Include

    We respond quickly once you get in touch with us with your mosquito control needs and spend enough time with you to get in-depth information regarding the issues that you suffer the most.
    Our professionals then perform a complete survey to know about the mosquito problems. We look at every corner of your home where mosquitoes are generally hidden.
    Once we complete our survey work, we then suggest the right treatment along with the cost. After your consent, our technicians start working and remove mosquitoes from your area.
    We also take care of your important queries even after our services and resolve them with proper solutions. 
    Our professionals use government-approved and eco-friendly materials and maintain the industry standard to offer world-class mosquito control in Bangalore.

    Why Choose US

    Certified Technician

    We have a group of certified technicians who perform their tasks by using modern equipment and delivering outstanding results while ensuring your complete safety. 

    Standard Pricing

    With standard pricing for a range of pest control services, we endeavor to serve a maximum number of customers with our services and help them get benefited. 

    100% Effective

    Get our world-class pest control services from Pest Kill that are highly effective. We use cutting-edge equipment, eco-friendly materials, etc. to offer top results.

    Service Warranty

    We at Pest Kill are fully aware of our responsibility and offer a warranty for a certain period to match your expectation and offer you true value for your money.  

    Reasons to Approach Us for Mosquito Control Services

    We are a reliable pest control services provider with years of experience
    We have a group of experts and technicians who have a vast knowledge of offering pest control solutions.
    We use eco-friendly and government-approved chemicals for pest control
    We offer mosquito control services at affordable costs. 

    Mosquito Pest Control Packages

    1 BHK

    Mosquito Treatment
    Rs 1250 /-
    • Advanced Chemicals
    • Trained Staff
    • 100 % Effective
    • 3 Months Warranty

    2 BHK

    Mosquito Treatment
    Rs 1500 /-
    • Advanced Chemicals
    • Trained Staff
    • 100 % Effective
    • 3 Months Warranty

    3 BHK

    Mosquito Treatment
    Rs 1750 /-
    • Advanced Chemicals
    • Trained Staff
    • 100 % Effective
    • 3 Months Warranty


    Mosquito Treatment
    Rs 2200 /-
    • Advanced Chemicals
    • Trained Staff
    • 100 % Effective
    • 3 Months Warranty

    Client Testimonials

    I took service from Shashi Pest Control Services and trust me they are really good at what they do. Very punctual, great commitment and reasonable price. Since last 2 years, we were having bed bugs at our place. After taking services from them I don’t see a single bed bug in my flat. I would highly recommend others who want to go for a bed bug service, you can go to Shashi Pest Control Services. They are the Best!

    Shinoj Narayan

    Shashi Pest Solutions is the best pest control service in Bangalore I’ve ever used. Their technicians are dedicated, always prompt, and do a very thorough job.

    Sulochana Mahapatra

    The staff is well trained and efficient enough to cater to our problems. The service that we get is completely professional and even the Pest control Charges were Affordable .

    Manish Tiwari

    The problem of rat and rodents was solved. The staff is well trained and efficient enough to cater to our problems. The services that we get is completely professional. Our complaints are taken care of in 24 hours.

    Arun Singh

    Thank you for doing such a wonderful job treating termites at my house. Thank you for cleaning up afterwards and making sure everything was in order. I will highly recommend you to other people.

    Mudassir Khan

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